With the control of COVID19 emergency measures passing to the Regional Government when moving to Phase 3, the Regional Health Minister has today (June 18th) announced a new law decree giving the measures applicable after the State of Emergency ends on June 21st, translation below

Regional Health Authority appeals for individual responsibility in the reactivation period

The Regional Governing Council today approved the Decree Law that will allow the setting prevention measures after the end of the state of emergency

The Regional Ministry of Health appealed today for individual responsibility for the reactivation period that will take effect next Sunday, June 21, with the end of the state of emergency.

The Health Minister, Manuel Villegas, encouraged all citizens of the Region of Murcia to “continue setting the example they have given from the first moment of this health crisis.”

Villegas made these statements after the approval this morning of the Decree Law on the Dynamic and Reactivation Measures of the Regional Economy, where, to guarantee adequate compliance with the general measures established by the central government for this new stage (RDL 21/2020), an additional provision is incorporated that specifically enables the Governing Council to approve, through an Agreement, the prevention and containment measures applicable in the Region of Murcia, to face the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19, after the end of the emergency state and for the reactivation period.

The agreement of the Governing Council, which will be approved tomorrow Friday, explained the Minister, is based on three fundamental pillars that have to do with individual responsibility: the mandatory use of the mask when it is not possible to maintain the minimum safety distance; take extreme personal and local hygiene and disinfection measures; and the maintenance of distance measures of at least one and a half metres between people, along with maximum occupancy capacity in venues.

The draft of this agreement includes the recommendations of the Epidemiology and Public Health Service and was relayed to all the Mayors of the Region last Tuesday.

75 percent capacity

The draft regulates capacity limitations and other prevention measures specific to the activity sectors. Thus, in general, maximum capacity is established at 75 percent of the authorised capacity, with a maximum number of 500 people seated for outdoor activities and 200 in closed spaces, and a maximum of 30 people for groups.

This measure affects local markets, places of worship, shops in general, common areas of hotels, libraries, museums, cinemas, theatres, swimming pools, bars and restaurants in the interior and terraces.

In addition, the maximum number of people is set at 30 for events such as funerals and burials, academies, private teaching centres, or outdoor group sports activities, or guide accompanied tourism.

The maximum capacity for schools, sports campuses, summer schools and children’s camps is also regulated, setting the permitted capacity at 150 and groups of 20 people maximum.

On the other hand, the distance to be respected between people in swimming pools and children’s recreational spaces, as well as in public outdoor spaces and sports areas in parks and gardens, will be at least one and a half metres.