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Given the recovery of mobility patterns, the Ministry of Development informs public transport concessionaires of the reactivation of frequencies

The Ministry of Development and Infrastructure will restore normality in bus services on all transport lines from next Friday, April 30. In the coming days, a resolution will be published in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia in which it will establish that the concession companies of the lines between municipalities and those that provide service in the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Murcia return to the usual hours, from so that one hundred percent of the services are restored.

The general director of Mobility and Litoral, Marina Munuera, indicated today that, “according to the data we have, mobility patterns are returning to normal, so it is no longer necessary to continue with the limitations of services”, and this has already been communicated to the bus line concessionaires.

“There is a normal practice in public services, there are fewer and fewer limitations, both health and educational, and cultural activity is also recovering, so we want to respond to the mobility needs of citizens and match that demand with recovery. of the usual levels of public transport service provided by the Regional Administration, ”said Munuera.

The reactivation of public transport services will affect the buses that cover the 27 concessions currently managed by the Community. It includes the total of interurban itineraries, as well as the 14 lines of districts that the regional Administration currently carries out to maintain the continuity of this urban service. The transitory urban transport regime is extinguished this year and will be provided by the Murcia City Council, as established by Law 10/2015, of March 24.