71 charges processed in Mazarrón for non compliance with the State of Emergency

Surveillance will intensify in the coming days with the Civil Guard and the Army

The Mazarrón Local Police last week processed a total of 71 charges against various establishments and individuals for not complying with the measures of the State of Emergency imposed by Royal Decree 463/2020. During the first days, priority was given to informing businesses and citizens of the obligations that said decree establishes.

After the information campaign was deployed in the municipality, the Local Police officers proceeded to process the corresponding charges against those who continued not to comply with said orders, subsequently referring them for further action to the Government Department in Murcia.

The Mayor of Mazarrón and Head of the Local Police, Gaspar Miras, has announced that “in the coming days, surveillance will continue to intensify so that the obligations announced by the institutional and health authorities are enforced, along with the Civil Guard the Army have today arrived in our municipality”.

For this reason, the Mayor asks citizens in general, and businesses in particular, “to comply with the orders decreed by the state of emergency and to take all announced precautions to fight together against the coronavirus. The main one of them being, leaving the house only for cases of extreme necessity”.

For Reference fines for non compliance start at 600 euros.