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The State Government Delegate for Murcia announces reinforcement of controls during the weekend

This is to ensure compliance with the new measures to de-escalate the state of emergency

The Government Delegate has announced a reinforcement of controls by the Security Forces and bodies for the long holiday weekend to guarantee compliance with the new more flexible measures of the state of emergency and thus guarantee the health and safety of all.

“It is the obligation of the Government of Spain to establish the guidelines and deadlines of this process towards the new normality, but the responsibility for its compliance belongs to everyone, and for this reason I ask the citizens of the Region of Murcia to maintain the same degree of commitment and maturity demonstrated so far so as not to take backward steps and, within the new flexibility measures, respect the safety, hygiene and social distancing measures “, José Vélez has stated.

To the authorisation of the children to go for a walk once a day, this weekend authorisation will be added for adults to exercise individually and the opening of premises and establishments by appointment only for attention to individual customers, which requires being very scrupulous in respecting self-protection measures and social discipline.

“Citizens are now taking the real leading role, and their attitude can decisively contribute to saving lives while recovering the new normality of our country,” said the Delegate, who stressed that the Security Forces and Bodies will continue with their educational work to resolve any confusion that the new relief measures may generate, but they will continue to punish reckless and irresponsible behaviour that puts the health of others at risk.