Here’s an article that may be of interest to the self employed and Small/Medium sized business owner, translation below and link to AUPA

AUPA: Deferring the payment of taxes is a crutch, not a real solution for everyone

The Association of Autonomous (self-employed) for United Action, demands an immediate cessation in the payment of taxes and fees

The Association of Autonomous for United Action (AUPA) considers that the postponement of the payment of quarterly taxes for a month for self-employed and SMEs (Small and Medium sized Businesses) that the Government has approved today is “only a crutch, a patch, not a real solution for all” and defends that tax payments be eliminated for the duration of the health crisis.

The entity’s spokesman Raúl González explained that the extension of the deadline to pay taxes is “hunger for today and more hunger for tomorrow” because “it empties the already precarious pockets of the self-employed”, and especially, it harms those who they are not eligible for government aid for various reasons.

“Now we allocate our resources to maintain ourselves and, if we also have to face tax burdens, we will have a much more difficult time getting out of the crisis and reactivating our businesses,” he stressed.

González explains that the only economic blow will be less is for those who have ceased activity, have applied for an ERTE and are eligible for some help. These will now pay the social security quota for their employees corresponding to the middle of March and later taxes, so that the economic impact could reach them as well as the government’s support. For the rest, “it is only to postpone the blow that we are going to receive a little, but it will remain the same with the same catastrophic consequences.”

As for the 6-month moratorium on the payment of the quota starting next month, it is considered “absolutely insufficient” since then all the late payments will have to be faced together.


Therefore, the AUPA are demanding that the payment of taxes during the crisis be abolished and that the quota of self-employed workers be eliminated “immediately”.

They also demand the suspension of the payment of rents for small businesses, that aid be established for expenses associated with the business and a mortgage moratorium similar to that applied to individuals.

In addition, AUPA claims that the exemption from the payment of the self-employed fee is maintained for two months after the state of emergency is lifted in order that the economy can be reactivated.

Once these two months are over, they ask that a flat rate of 50 euros be arbitary for another two months for all the self-employed and that this measure be prolonged for 1 year for the most disadvantaged. They also ask for fiscal measures and aid for the self-employed in order to reactivate the economy.

On the other hand, AUPA calls for processes to access aid to be simplified as much as possible in order to “reduce a bureaucracy that threatens to put the subsistence of many families at risk.”

Likewise, they consider it necessary to arbitrate aid to sustain the expenses that SMEs have despite having been closed and that “they weigh like a millstone when there is no income.” And also that the ERTE can be extended beyond the Emergency State, so that the personnel can be gradually incorporated as the business recovers.

The only positive note for AUPA in the measures taken by the Government has been the extension to properties of the moratorium on the payment of mortgages that applies to housing, as reflected in Royal Decree 463/2020. “It could certainly be a relief for many self-employed”.