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Translated the official announcement from the Regional Government

The Tax Agency opens the second line of finances of 3.5 million for all the municipalities with which it has an agreement

The Regional Government has already advanced 3.2 million euros to a dozen municipalities to which it manages the collection of taxes by voluntary means

The Regional Government is delaying until autumn the collection of the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM Cars/vehicles) in some coastal municipalities with which the Tax Agency of the Region has an agreement

The Regional Government is today starting a second line of finances, funded with 3.5 million euros, which can be accessed by all municipalities that have an agreement with the Tax Agency for the management of their taxes. Specifically, this second line will support these councils to compensate for the loss of revenue between the months of March and May and thus avoid possible treasury stresses generated by the coronavirus health crisis.

Through this system, the 33 municipalities that have an agreement with the Agency may request up to 15 percent of the amount that the Tax Agency would have collected between them from March to May of the previous year.

The Regional Minister of the Presidency and the Treasury, Javier Celdrán, stressed that “these lines of finance are part of the tax measures implemented by the Regional Government to support municipalities, companies, the self-employed and families to have liquidity while this extraordinary and extremely serious situation lasts, measures with which we are going to mobilise more than 100 million euros”.

This second line complements the one that was already opened on April 6, funded with 6.5 million euros and that was available to the 22 municipalities whose agreement only covers the management of taxes by voluntary means.

In these first two weeks, 3.2 million euros of the first line have already been paid to a total of 12 municipalities to compensate the postponement of the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM). These are, specifically, Aledo, Abarán, Abanilla, Beniel, Bullas, Blanca, Campos del Río, Fuente Álamo, Mula, Puerto Lumbreras, Santomera and San Pedro del Pinatar, who have advanced 50 percent of what they raised last year for this tax.

Likewise, regarding the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (Car/Vehicle Tax), it has been decided to delay the collection of this tax in those coastal municipalities with an agreement with the Agency (San Pedro del Pinatar, Mazarrón, Los Alcázares and Águilas) and whose period of Payment concluded during the summer months. In the other municipalities, whose payment period was set in May, this has already been delayed until July in the voluntary period, as well as those for the use of public roads, refuse, markets or water and sewerage.