Many Camposol residents and homeowners will be aware that there are Municipal Elections in May 2019 and that all being well regarding Brexit, those expat brits registered to vote will able to exercise that right.

A letter was received recently by the CRA Chair and Committee, which was published in the Camposol Journal, from the President of the CDiP (Camposol and District independent Party) proposing that the CRA and CDiP “associate” in the run up to the May Election.

The CDiP was indirectly formed from a CRA Sub Committee in 2014 but failed to win a seat in the 2015 election, in recent months the CDiP Executive Committee has suffered major upheavals which have not reflected well on the Party or it’s EGM, in view of this and because it is the CRA Committee’s commitment to attain the best outcome’s for Camposol, it was decided that an association with the CDiP would not be in the best interest of the urbanisation and better options lay in other political routes which are currently being explored, hence the following reply has been sent to the CDiP President:-

Dear Mr Finnegan

Firstly, thank you and your ECC for your communication and proposal.

The CRA Committee is well aware of the importance of the forthcoming 2019 Municipal Election and the proposal you have put forward and the effects and outcomes were discussed in depth at our Committee Meeting today 24th November 2018, it was unanimously felt by the Committee that although a presence on Mazarrón Council would be desirable, unfortunately in its current and foreseeable state and leadership the CDiP would not offer the residents and homeowners of Camposol best value and as such the urbanisation would not benefit from a CRA/CDiP alliance, this does not mean that the CRA Committee will not be exploring other avenues within the relevant authorities to further the urbanisation’s future progress.

Although the CRA as an Association is independent politically, this does not preclude the Committee, as laid down in the Constitution, from endorsing a Political Party or Parties which in its informed opinion would be beneficial to the urbanisation, at the present time and in the forthcoming municipal election the Committee believe that there are established and more capable Political organisations that would serve Camposol better at local and regional level, details of which will be published in due course.


Silvana Buxton

CRA Chairperson