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Quick tests begin in Mazarrón

Starting next week the antibody tests begin in Mazarrón, by appointment only

Next Monday the study of immunity begins in Mazarrón through antibody tests on possible cases of coronavirus. Their objective is to study immunity by performing the antibody test on possible cases and their contacts, if they were positive.

At the moment they will always be carried out by appointment.

The test is very simple: a simple prick on a finger. The drop of blood is placed on a reactive liquid and the result in 15 minutes.

If the test result is positive, the idea is to also test the patient’s most direct contacts. If it is negative, they will be discharged.

The Regional Health Minister, Manuel Villegas, announced yesterday at a press conference that the performance of these tests “extends to all the medical centres in the Region, starting next week.”

He also indicated that, “these tests do not detect the presence of the virus but the consequences of along with the creation of immunoglobulin antibodies which occurs from the sixth day of the onset of symptoms. That is why we do them after two weeks from the onset of symptoms when the test has the highest value and the highest sensitivity. A person may have a negative test and have the infection and be incubating without symptoms or could even have symptoms, but has not been able to generate antibodies. With this it should be remembered that a person even giving a negative can infect another. In fact, it is the easiest period for infections to occur. ”