We felt the need to challenge statements made on the 13th April on the Camposol Community Bus Facebook page by Ian Ashcroft re: Campobus,and Patricio Sanchez re: TH expenditure. The relevant thread has been closed and no longer viewable so we comment here:

Reply from the CRA acting chairman:
Someone, in the wonderful urbanization of Murcia called Camposol, has been fighting fiercely for the last 4 years, for its residents to receive all they were promised, but were horrendously deceived. The Political Party supported by the CRA states, in his manifesto, that public transport will be provided not only throughout the urbanization, but to various destinations to-from Camposol. The well-known Company offering such service, which has already been approached, will provide a fully insured, regular, safe and punctual service according to a well established timetable, and not on an ad-hoc basis. Everybody in the urbanization will be able to enjoy such service without any need to subscribe to it, or any concern about the user’s safety, and the service punctuality and availability.
The future Mayor will look after the urbanization of Camposol, not only with words (cheap and free) but with real investment and interest in its residents. Please make public the financial contribution that the Town Hall contributed to the Campobus.

With regards to Patricio Sanchez comments, may I remind the residents of Camposol that this person visited our urbanization at least two years ago, and was accompanied by myself and other people who have the children’s interest and needs at heart, He approved one or two areas in sector B where a children’s area and a sports field would be best placed. he made wild promises about its construction and early completion …. please Patricio, can you give the readers your reasons for not abiding by your promises, without explanations or justification.