Warning to all dog walkers and pet owners.

This is the time of the year for these deadly creatures – already sighted in Cartagena and probably on Camposol.

Report sightings to the Town Hall – you can send in English (or Spanish) – and don’t forget to give the EXACT location of your sighting:


Read also here from last year full details of the pest>>>>>>>>> https://murciatoday.com/murcia-close-to-maximum-alert-status-for-pine-processionary-caterpillars_1313533-a.html?fbclid=IwAR2w4ONlMGGwOZtXIKZ-tigLNABkdppNHVJ6aZN70D-kbtrM-PoYalnz7iw

Here are some tips to avoid scares.

Three indicators of processionary poisoning of pine.
👉 The dog 🐕 scratches itself with its feet on its snout and scrubs the head against the ground compulsively.
👉 Bluish colouration of the skin and mucous membranes may occur. “The tongue 👅 will turn black and swell, as well as the head and neck.”
👉 Seizures appear as a result of anaphylactic shock. It is a generalized and potentially fatal immune reaction in the body.

How to act if your dog touches a processionary

If your dog 🐶 touches, rubs, licks or swallows a processionary, the most important thing is to take it urgently to a veterinary hospital 🏥. This has to be highlighted, since there is no outpatient treatment of any kind beyond simple actions that we can carry out on the way to it, and they are the following:
👉 We will take our dog 🐶 and move him away from the area, making sure that the nerves and pain do not cause him to come back into contact with these caterpillars 🐛.
👉 We will check your truffle and mouth to make sure the animal can breathe and the airways are not blocked. Do not rule out a more thorough exploration, but it must be quick: time is of the essence.
👉 We must reduce the contact time of the toxin.
👉 We will wash the dog’s mouth with physiological serum; if we do not have serum, we will do it with warm water (the toxin is better destroyed with warm or slightly hot water).
👉 Wash carefully and NEVER rub the tongue 👅 or the affected area, as there is a risk of spreading the toxin; also, wash from the inside out to remove the hairs and that the dog does not ingest the toxin. In other words: the water must fall out, never go to the dog.
👉 Take the dog 🐕 as quickly as possible to the veterinarian, where a fast-acting corticosteroid treatment will be applied.

Finally, we should notify the Administration or the agents to eliminate the nest and the plague.

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