List of bullet points compiled from the BOE and Murcia modifications which are most relevant to Camposol/Mazarron, there is more but mainly working conditions and cleaning already covered in previous Phases, it may/will be subject to change.

Phase 3 – Brief summary

Travel between regions, islands or territorial units will still be limited under this phase, with some exceptions, such as business, health, to return to one’s primary residence or for reasons of force majeure (Emergency) – documentation may be required.

All retail outlets will be able to open regardless of their size, provided that capacity is limited to 50% and social distancing of two metres is observed between customers – if this is not possible, only one customer will be able to enter at a time.

Common and recreational areas in shopping malls will be able to reopen, at 40% capacity. Stores located in malls will be able to accept 50% of their usual capacity.

Outdoor areas of restaurants/bars/cafés will be able to open at 75% capacity

Patrons will be able to be served at bars again, provided they respect a two-metre distance with other customers or groups of customers, groups limited to 20 people.

Casinos, betting houses and bingo halls can also reopen, with capacity limited to 50% and an overall limit of 50 people.

Summer day camps and outdoor activities will be permitted for children, albeit with limited numbers.

The timetables for taking walks and exercise – which in areas in Phase 2 had been reduced to just specific times for seniors – are completely eliminated.

Cultural activities will be permitted in libraries and museums, while groups of up to 30 people will be able to enjoy nature and active tourism, However the Region of Murcia has requested a maximum number of people per group be set at 20.

Places of Worship limited to 75% of capacity which should be displayed in a visible position, Funerals limited to 50 people in open areas and 25 in enclosed spaces, Wedding ceremonies limited to 75% of capacity with a maximum of 150 people in open areas and 75 in enclosed spaces

The Region of Murcia has also proposed a limit on events, shows, concerts etc, of one hundred people for outdoor venues and 50 for those carried out in enclosed premises, both subject to social distancing.

Zoos and aquariums can reopen with a limit of 50% capacity, while congresses can go ahead with up to 80 attendees.

In all situations existing social distancing and face mask protocols remain in force, extreme measures of hygiene and precautions will be required when there is contact with those who are especially vulnerable to Covid-19, and home-working will still be recommended where possible.

But daily routines will be slowly moving toward what the Spanish Government has labelled “the new normality”, with safety measures still the main priority.