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People over 65 will be able to pick up the surgical masks that the Autonomous Community has distributed free of charge for all the pharmacy offices in the Region starting at 12:00 noon 27th April.

Each person over 65 years of age will receive two masks through the electronic prescription, which can also be collected by their relatives showing the interested party’s health card. There will be a total of 500,000 masks that will be distributed among this population.

The Ministry of Health recommends going in stages to collect them, in order to avoid crowds and risks in pharmacies, since each elderly person is assigned their material and can only be withdrawn by identification with their card.

Likewise, the Health Authority reminds that isolation measures are still in force to prevent infections, since the most vulnerable group in this pandemic is the elderly, so all measures must be maintained to guarantee their health and avoid infections, such as social distance and hand washing.

The Ministry of Health and the Official College of Pharmacists of the Region of Murcia have developed a procedure to distribute this protection material to this population group, within the public health program.

The Logistics Operator of the Integral Supply Unit of the Murcian Health Service (Hefame) has delivered the masks to all pharmacies, applying the safety and quality criteria that correspond to medical devices. Likewise, your dispensation will be accompanied by an informative brochure.