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Yes, people can come to the social centre to complete the forms, and I will take them to the Town Hall on their behalf – there is no deadline for this, so they don’t have to rush. Please remind them to bring a copy of their NIE or their Passport, and you may remind them that what I am doing is a favour to the residents, so that they don’t have to go to the Town Hall etc etc.
And YES; I will take the forms from any foreign-resident in the municipality, which includes the Country Club.

Reminder of original message: the forms refers to item 3

Obtaining a Digital COVID Certificate.

There are currently 3 ways to obtain the Certificates

1. Electronic Download if you have a Digital Certificate, Digital DNI (Spanish Nationals only) or a Cl@ve (Digital key) follow this link (in Spanish or English) where the Certificate can be downloaded

2. In Person, at Health Centres including Camposol Consultorio by appointment only, a copy of the applicants NIE/DNI document or Passport will be required, the certificate will be supplied at point of application or for later collection.

3. By written request, filling in a 3585 Form which are available at the Camposol Social Centre Mondays or Wednesdays 10 am to 12 noon or can be downloaded on this link$m40288 going to section “B.- Solicitud escrita.” and clicking on “Modelo de solicitud escrita no electrónica disponible en el apartado “Modelos de Presentación”, only the first page requires completion, here is a guide to the relevant boxes:-

Section 1

APELLIDOS Y NOMBRE – Surnames and Christian names, DNI/NIE – NIE Number, DOMICILIO A EFECTOS DE NOTIFICACIONES – Address for Notification purposes (APTO box where available or home address), C. POSTAL – Post code (30875 for Camposol), LOCALIDAD – Town (Mazarrón), PROVINCIA – Region/Province (Murcia), TELÉFONO FIJO – Telephone No Landline, TELÉFONO MÓVIL A EFECTOS NOTIFICACIONES – Mobile phone No for notification purposes (Text/SMS), CORREO ELECTRÓNICO A EFECTOS DE NOTIFICACIONES ELECTRÓNICAS – E-Mail address for notifications, *APELLIDOS Y NOMBRE DEL REPRESENTANTE – Surnames and Christian names of representative, *DNI/NIE – number of representative, Tick boxes for type of representative – *REPRESENTANTE LEGAL (PADRE O TUTOR) – Parent or Legal Guardian, *APODERADO – Lawyer or Legal representative

*Denotes where applicable

Section 2

Enter a cross in the shaded margin next to “VACUNACIÓN”

Section 3

Enter a cross in the shaded margin next to “Por correo” only

At the bottom of the page under “Por lo expuesto SOLICITA el CERTIFICADO DIGITAL COVID UE en la modalidad señalada” (Accordingly, I Request the COVID EU DIGITAL CERTIFICATE in the modality indicated) fill in place and date (Camposol, Date, Month, Year) and sign on the “Firma” line.

The completed form can then be returned to Mazarrón Town Hall by appointment, posted to Dirección General de Salud Pública y Adicciones, Consejería de Salud, Ronda de Levante, 11, 30008 Murcia. Or handed in to the Councillor for Camposol at the Camposol Social Centre Mondays or Wednesdays 10 am to 12 noon, the certificate will be sent by post only to the address entered on the form for collection in the usual manner.