Non-essential activity workers forced to stay home.

The President of the Government has taken more restrictive measures to reduce the effects of COVID-19
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that “all workers in non-essential activities must stay home for the next two weeks”, a measure that the Government will approve tomorrow in an extraordinary Council of Ministers.

He also commented that they will approve “a recoverable paid leave that will be applied to all workers in all non-essential activities so that they will not have to work from March 30 to April 9.”
The President of the Government has indicated that “during the days of paid leave they will receive their wages normally and when the crisis is over they will recover the hours spaced out in time. In this way, the movements and, therefore, the congestion of the UCIS will be limited”.
Pedro Sánchez has confirmed that media workers are essential activities, so they will be able to continue working as before.

Just a week ago the Regional Government asked the Central Government to carry out this reduction in work, a measure that will be approved tomorrow at the state level.