Nine new positive cases have been reported in Mazarron, all at a temporary homeless shelter and all via antigen tests meaning the subjects have had the virus and recovered, so the Municipality still has no “active” cases reported, translation below;

Nine positive cases of coronavirus detected in El Peñasco, but none active

Gaspar Miras sends a message of calm, and acknowledges that “nine positive cases have been detected in the residence hall, but that there are no active cases at this time”

The Mayor of Mazarron has appeared at a press conference this morning, to publicize the latest events in the “El Peñasco” residence, where the Regional Government, housed several homeless people during this pandemic.

Gaspar Miras has communicated that in the afternoon of yesterday the transfer to Murcia of 15 people who live in the residence was carried out, and nine of them when performing the tests, gave positive, but in none of the infected there were active cases.

Last night they performed the PCR tests again, and this morning the results were negative, so there are currently no active positive cases in Peñasco.

He has also indicated that he has been talking to the Regional Government, more specifically with the Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, who at all times has conveyed tranquillity to him, and that little by little they will be vacating the residence, and on the same subject he also commented after speaking with the Government Delegate, José Vélez, who has asked him to reinforce the security of the centre, while the residents continue to be housed there.

Miras has ended by sending a message of tranquillity to the entire Mazarron people, since there is currently no positive case in the entire municipality, and guarantees security around the El Peñasco residence, and joint work with the Regional Government to vacate said residence little by little.

The opposition parties have intervened to show their full support for the government team, but both the Popular Party and Ciudadanos request to have more specific and timely information, in order to know first-hand and instantly the latest news on COVID -19.