Important New Rules in The Murcia Region For Transport.

As we all know, the autonomous regions have taken control of managing the covid-19 epidemic in their regions. The Murcia Ministry of Health has issued an order with urgent new rules for passenger transport. To try to control the spread of the virus.

These measures have been decided in the Murcia region because of the increased risk from the recent increase in positive cases.

They have found that many infections are happening in the region due to travelling by different means of transport. Mainly transfers to work in private cars, without sufficient use of masks.

There have been cases where people with mild symptoms of COVID-19 have used a private car to travel to work along with other colleagues. Spreading the infection. The local government needs to ensure that safety distances are maintained, and so are imposing these restrictive measures in the Region of Murcia from Saturday 22nd August.

The new measures are temporary and for the whole of the Region of Murcia (not Valencia region).

1. Motorcycles, mopeds and these vehicles in general
with two seats (driver and passenger) two people may travel. The passenger and driver must wear gloves if more than one person as a protection. 🏍
2. In private cars and taxis etc, persons in vehicles with up to nine seats, including the driver, there can be as many people as there are seats in the vehicle, as long as they all live in the
same address. 🚗🚐
3. In private cars and taxis etc. of persons in vehicles with up to nine seats, including the driver, if they do not live together at the same address, only 50% of the places may be occupied, provided that they respect the maximum possible distance between the occupants.🚐🚕
4. In vehicles where only one row of seats is available, as in the case of vehicle cabs, lorries, vans, or others, there is only a maximum of two people permitted, and to keep as much distance as possible between them. With masks obviously.
5. In public, occasional and other private transport such as passengers in a bus, all the occupants must be seated, and they will be able to only use 50% of the seats.
6. In urban public passenger transport where there are platforms to transport standing passengers, 50% of the seats may be used, and two users per square metre in the area for standing. (Not sure this applies anywhere in the Murcia region).
7. In cars and taxis or other vehicles with an odd number of seats such as a car with 5 seats, the occupancy is rounded up, so it would be permitted 3 people only. A 7 seater
would be 4 people. 🚕🚐
8. Whenever a person is not living in the same address as the other passengers it is compulsory all wear a mask in any transport. 😷

If you do not cooperate in complying with the measures in this Order it may constitute an administrative offence and basically you could be fined.

The Order enters into force 48 hours after its publication (20th August) in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia, and will last 30 days initially. So it takes effect 22nd August at midnight (or from 23rd August early morning). Please pass this information on as many will not be aware.

Currently it ONLY affects Murcia region, or if you are driving into it obviously, not the Valencia region.

Information provided by Amanda Thomas of Molina Solicitors.
Borm 192 20/8/20