New restrictions for the Region of Murcia in the face of the pandemic


The Region of Murcia extends the restrictions against Covid.
Murcia has established new measures and recommendations to try to contain the spread of the pandemic of covid-19. The Order of the Ministry of Health , to be published tomorrow in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia, establishes that l a maximum permitted occupancy within local hotel and restaurant will be thirty percent of the capacity, except in the municipalities for which more restrictive measures have been expressly approved .
It also prohibits eating and drinking in public spaces outside catering establishments as it is not possible to maintain the safety distance, except cohabitants , and recommends to City Councils temporary extension of the outer surface authorized to these premises for use as a terrace, in order to stimulate outdoor consumption and reduce the risk of infection.
The Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, presented at the end of the extraordinary Council of Government held today to ” avoid any social contact is the extent we all have to internalize these days so complicated for the Murcia region and for the whole territory n ational” Therefore, “we have to continue to make difficult decisions that only seek to preserve public health . It is time to save lives ”.
Another measure of the new or rden notes that e n establishments and local commercial retail and service activities to the public the maximum occupancy will be fifty percent of the capacity of the local.
On the other hand, the recommendation to citizens is reinforced to reduce social contacts as much as possible, limiting participation to a maximum number of 6 people, as already applied in the Region of Murcia since the month of August.
Efforts will be made to encourage and promote the use of teleworking whenever feasible, especially in the case of people especially vulnerable to the disease. In addition , it s and recommends postponing weddings and other civil and religious ceremonies.
In his speech, Villegas explained that “the situation is of maximum alert in Spain and in the Region of Murcia, a critical moment for the entire national territory . ” Currently, there are 10,312 infected people in the Region, 447 are admitted to hospital centers, of which 81 are in ICU.
Of the 704 new cases in the last 24 hours, 292 correspond to the municipality of Murcia, 45 to Molina de Segura, 41 to Cartagena, 27 to Torre Pacheco, 21 to Caravaca de la Cruz, 21 to San Javier, 20 to Cieza, 19 to Alcantarilla, 19 to Las Torres de Cotillas, 17 to Beniel, 17 to Yecla, 14 to Alhama de Murcia, 13 to Moratalla, 13 to San Pedro del Pinatar, 12 to Archena, 12 to Ceutí, 12 to Mula, 8 to Fortuna , 6 to Abarán, 6 to Bullas and 6 to Santomera. The rest are distributed among various locations.

At the national level movement limitations from 11:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m., starting tonight (BOE):

Among the general measures, it has been agreed:
1. Strengthen the recommendation to citizens to limit social contacts as much as possible, limiting participation to a maximum number of 6 people, as has already been applied in our Region since August.
2. Recommend the limitation of social activity, avoid closed spaces, in which the use of a mask is not possible, or in which there is a large influx of people, and we insist again, to the entire population in the download the Radar-COVID Smartphone application.
3. Curfew for establishments and activities open or directed to the public between 23:00 and 06:00, except for those establishments that provide essential services.
4. Prohibition of eating and drinking in public spaces, when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance.
5. Encourage and promote the use of teleworking to avoid risks.
6. Suspend visits to student residences and limit the occupation of common areas to 1/3 of their capacity.
Along with these general measures, another series of measures and recommendations proposed by the public health and epidemiology technicians of the Region of Murcia, applicable to the different sectors of activity, have been analyzed and will be published tomorrow in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia. Murcia. They are temporary and exceptional measures, among which are the following:
1. Recommend the postponement of wedding celebrations and other civil and religious ceremonies, keeping the maximum number of participants at 30 people, both outdoors and indoors, and they must remain seated at all times.
2. In establishments and retail stores and public service activities, the maximum occupancy allowed will be 50% of the capacity of the premises.
3. In markets or flea markets on public roads, it may not exceed 75% of the authorized stalls.
4. The maximum interior occupancy of the hotel and restaurant premises will be 30% of the general capacity, and without limit for the terraces, maintaining the minimum separation distance, recommending to the Town Councils the temporary extension of the authorized exterior surface to this type of premises for use as a terrace.
5. The maximum allowed occupancy of the common areas of hotels, hostels, hostels and other tourist accommodation will be 1/3 of their usual capacity, being able to keep the restaurant areas open exclusively for the clients staying in them.
6. In libraries, archives, museums, exhibition halls, monuments and other cultural facilities, the maximum occupancy allowed will be 50% of the capacity.
7. The same occupation for cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, tent circuses and similar activities in closed establishments and outdoor cultural activities.
8. Individual sports practice in the open air is allowed, respecting the general measures of distance of interpersonal safety, protection and hygiene, and the celebration of non-professional sports events and sports activities that involve the displacement of a large number of participants are suspended. .
9. Suspend the development of municipal sports schools and extracurricular sports activities. The federated sports practice of minors under 18 years of age will be limited to training, suspending the start of competitions.
10. In indoor swimming pools for public use, whether for sports or recreational use, the maximum occupancy allowed will be 1/3 of their usual capacity.
11. The telematic holding of congresses, conferences, business meetings and similar events is recommended.
12. Lastly, a series of sectoral measures, of a temporary nature, applicable to social policy centers have also been agreed.
– Among these measures we can highlight, in relation to residences for the elderly and sheltered homes for people with disabilities, the restriction of visits except in exceptional cases, and limited to outdoor areas or enabled for this purpose.
– The suspension of admission, re-entry and transfer of residents and users except in cases of social emergency, or the limitation of therapeutic outings and medical visits, always accompanied by a professional, taking extreme measures of prevention and sanitary hygiene.
– Likewise, the day centers for the elderly will remain closed, whose users will receive the service through telephone, telematic and / or face-to-face care at home or surroundings.
– All social centers will remain closed, suspending the provision of podiatry and hairdressing services that are currently providing services.
– For day centers with for people with disabilities and Services for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy, the face-to-face activity will be limited to very small groups (2-3 people), preferably for those users who, due to their socio-family situation, need to be catered.
– And for child development and early care centers, their face-to-face activity will be maintained, with the exception of those centers in which a positive COVID-19 is declared in workers or users, in which case, it will be studied by the health services