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In private private and complementary private transport, they may occupy all the seats as long as they are cohabiting. When they are not, they may occupy 50% of the places.

The BORM publishes this Tuesday the Order of the Ministry of Health by which sectoral restrictive measures of a temporary nature are adopted in the matter of transport of people, for the containment of Covid-19 in the Region of Murcia.

Two people may travel on motorcycles, mopeds and category L vehicles with two homologated seats (driver and passenger). The use of gloves will be mandatory for both in those destined for shared use (rental, delivery men, etc.)

In private private and complementary private transport they may occupy all seats provided they are cohabiting. When they are not, they may occupy 50% of the seats (example: in a five-seater vehicle, three non-cohabitating people can go wearing masks).    In vehicles with only one row of seats, a maximum of two people may travel, as long as they keep the maximum possible distance. By bus, they will be able to use 50% of the seats. When the occupancy level allows it, maximum separation between users.

In the collective public transport of passengers in urban and peri-urban areas (Tranvía de Murcia), in which there are platforms, 50% of the seated places may be occupied, and two users per square meter in the area enabled to travel standing, In any case, the greatest separation between passengers must be sought.

In vehicles with an odd number of seats the occupancy will be rounded up. Whenever a non-living person travels in a vehicle, the use of a mask will be mandatory for all of them. The continuous renewal of the interior air of the vehicles will be sought.

In public passenger transport in vehicles with up to nine seats, two people per row of seats may be occupied, and in any case the maximum possible distance between their occupants must be guaranteed.

In the event that all users live at the same address, three people may go for each row of seats. The seat corresponding to the driver’s row must always remain empty.