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National Police warns of the scam of Social Security reimbursement

Cyber ​​criminals send an email requesting bank details to make an “alleged” money refund

The National Police warned a few days ago of a scam related to the return of money by Social Security. Obviously it is not they who send it, but cyber criminals who try to impersonate the identity of this body to carry out the reimbursement of money.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus is sharpening the ingenuity of cybercriminals, which means that the Cybercrime Units of the State Security Forces and Corps have to be thoroughly applied in these difficult times. One of these last scams consists of impersonating the Social Security identity, thus trying to get your personal data and access your savings. These scammers are trying to reach our bank accounts through email, SMS or even through phone calls.

These facts have made the National Police have to warn of this new scam, so they ask to contrast with the official source and not click on the link.