🦟 The city council of Mazarron has proceeded this week to strengthen the campaign of fumigation against mosquitoes with intensive fumigation actions in Mazarron, the coastal area and Camposol, due to the proliferation of this insect due to the confluence of high temperatures and the latest rainfall in the municipality.

💨 The work will be extended over the next few weeks, reaching the pedanies of the municipality, with the forecast that further rains may cause the insect to proliferate again, especially in those watershed areas. Will also be acted in disinfection against cockroaches.

🙏🏼 From the city council we beg those neighbors who have pools to maintain control over them as municipal services cannot act in private areas, as well as the advice to prevent the proliferation of common mosquito and especially tiger mosquito in The Housing

⬇ We remind you of these tips in the link below: