Just when we thought it was safe to leave windows open at night to let in some welcome cool air or venture outside after dusk the dreaded mozzies have returned, after the recent rains the mosquitos, particularly the Tiger mosquito, have made a resurgence with the accompanying unsightly red lumps complete with complimentary itching and irritation. In response the CRA lodged an official action request to Mazarrón Town Hall on Tuesday (25th Sept), the Pest Control Supervisor arranged for immediate urbanisation wide treatment and today (Friday 28th Sept) the mobile Mosquito cannon (see pic) has been travelling the urbanisation treating roads and publicly accessible areas, homeowners should to be aware that they are responsible for the treatment or eradication of casual untreated water on their property.

Please help the CRA in their efforts to control and reduce the spread of mosquitos, here is a link to a website posting including measures that can be taken:- Click Here