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Mazarrón already has X-ray service in operation from today

Starting today, it provides service to the 31,830 users of this basic health area and will prevent patients from having to travel to Cartagena.

The Ministry of Health has made an investment of 88,890 euros in a new and modern ray apparatus for the Mazarrón Health Center, which, as of today, provides service to the 31,830 users of the basic area of ​​Mazarrón.

The new room will carry out conventional radiology techniques and will prevent patients from having to travel to the Cartagena University Hospital Complex to carry out their tests.

The renovation of the radiology service in the health center has entailed a process for awarding a new X-ray machine, in addition to conditioning and training work for the responsible technician.

The Mazarrón Health Center is the only center in the Cartagena Health Area that offers radiology services within its portfolio of services and has a Traumatology doctor who comes in person to consult. Over the past year, a total of 2,692 dating appointments were offered.

Benefits in Mazarrón

To facilitate accessibility and avoid the displacement of the inhabitants of the municipality of Mazarrón, Health promoted the development of telemedicine in almost all hospital specialties highlighting dermatology, cardiology, gynecology and obstetrics.

This health center also has two nurses belonging to the School Community Health Care Program (Paces) of the Region of Murcia. These professionals pay attention to children with chronic ailments in all the schools of the municipality to favor their schooling.

This initiative, under normal circumstances, is carried out through coordination between health and educational centers and responds to health needs in the educational field, both by caring for children with specific needs and promoting healthy habits among the children population.

The municipality of Mazarrón has two basic health areas, the Mazarrón area and the Puerto de Mazarrón area, which serve 19,123 and 12,707 users respectively.