Mazarrón Council Press release 28/03/2020
6 cases of coronavirus in Mazarrón
Tonight the Epidemiology Service of the Region of Murcia has made the data official
773 cases of COVID-19 in total in the Region of Murcia, with a total of 17 deceased, with 58 admissions in the ICU, and 542 people in home isolation, are the data that have been provided tonight at 9:00 p.m. by of the Epidemiology Service of the Region of Murcia.
The healed people remain at the same number as yesterday, which is a total of 12 people.
As for municipalities, we highlight the 6 people diagnosed with COVID-19 in the municipality of Mazarrón, one of them having been discharged.
The Mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, and the rest of the mayors of the Region have held a video conference this morning with the president of the Government of the regional Government of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, in which he has promised to inform, through the Murcia Health portal, the coronavirus cases in the municipalities of the Region.
In this sense, “the Municipality of Mazarrón registers 6 positive cases for coronavirus,” explained the Mayor, who added that “one of them already has a sanitary discharge. I have been able to speak to this specific case and he is in good health”.
Gaspar Miras thanked the citizens of Mazarrón “for their efforts towards the State of Emergency” and asked them to “continue fighting the virus from our homes, following the rules of isolation and taking to the streets only for what is strictly necessary ”
The Mayor also wanted to convey his gratitude “to the Claudio Galeno Institute that has donated the material for the manufacture of 250 masks, which have been made by various institutions and families, which have been distributed to the Civil Guard (100), the Local Police and Civil Protection (100) and the ‘La Purísima’ Senior Residence (50)”. These are in addition to 47 masks that had been donated by the ‘Bemalú’ company to the Local Police in recent days.
Another thank you has gone to “volunteers, both from organizations and various NGOs, such as the Red Cross, Cáritas Mazarrón or Cáritas Puerto de Mazarrón; that they are carrying out a very important task together with the Town Council to help the most disadvantaged, as well as those who altruistically continue to participate in making face masks for the population ”.
The Mayor wanted to make an appeal to the citizens since “the Regional Government, listening to the Commercial Advisory Council of the Region of Murcia, will allow on Sundays and holidays the opening of shops that exceptionally may be open according to the Royal Decree 463/2020 of the Emergency State ”.
“This measure has been taken to avoid crowds in shops and to have more hours to buy, but it should not be used as an excuse to break the confinement since the important thing at the moment is to stay at home and avoid going outside except in exceptional cases”, Gaspar Miras indicated.
The Mayor has finally urged citizens to “follow the recommendations of the health authorities, keeping us informed through official channels” and recalled that “at the Town Council we are available to citizens, especially older people, with any disability or emergency situations; through the telephone 968 59 11 15 in which Social Services attends to any person in need ”.