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Surgical masks at 0.96 euros and gels and hydro-alcoholic solutions (hand sanitizer) will cost between 0.015 and 0.021 euros per millilitre (ml.)

Surgical masks will have a maximum RRP of 0.96 euros and gels and hydro-alcoholic solutions (hand sanitiser), depending on the amount purchased, will cost between 0.015 euros and 0.021 euros per millilitre

The BOE (State bulletin) published yesterday is a resolution promoted by the Ministry of Health that sets the maximum sale price to the public of surgical masks and gels and hydro-alcoholic solutions so that citizens can access these sanitary products for health protection at non-abusive economic prices.

Starting today, surgical masks will have a maximum RRP of 0.96 euros. For its part, the price of gels and hydro-alcoholic solutions temporarily authorized by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) will depend on the millilitres (ml.) purchased.

If you buy a container of up to 150 ml., It will cost 0.021 € per ml; 150 ml. up to 300 ml., € 0.018 per ml; and a quantity between 300 ml and 1,000 ml., will cost € 0.015 per ml. These are prices include IVA (VAT) or, where appropriate, the corresponding equivalent surcharge tax.

As published in the Resolution of April 22, 2020, the maximum RRP of hygienic masks and healthy skin antiseptics authorized by the AEMPS will be determined at the next meeting of the Inter-ministerial Commission on Drug Prices (CIPM), the collegiate body of the Ministry of Health of which several ministries and the autonomous communities are part, “in order to obtain more information on manufacturing costs”.

This Commission has already determined the prices that are published today, in a teleconference meeting in extraordinary session last Tuesday. This was established by Order SND / 354/2020, published by the BOE last Sunday, which establishes exceptional measures to guarantee access by the population to products recommended for use as hygienic measures for the prevention of infections by COVID- 19.