Introduction of the TIE:

· The Spanish government will start to introduce this new-format residence document for UK nationals in Spain from next week onwards. This is called the Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero (or TIE). It will include wording to demonstrate that the holder is a beneficiary of the WA.

· It is important to stress that UK nationals who are already registered and in possession of a green paper certificate (A4 or credit card-sized) have no obligation to obtain the new TIE. They may request it, however, if they wish. There is no time limit to exchange from the green paper document to the TIE (i.e. people do not have to rush to do this by the end of the year).

· The Spanish government are due to publish official information about the process for obtaining the TIE any day now (perhaps now most likely on Monday).


The Embassy now have one definitive guide to Health care in Spain at:
The page has been recently updated & includes information about how you can access healthcare in Spain as a resident, and up to date information about your right to access healthcare during and after the transitional period. You can also sign up for alerts on this page, so that you can keep up to date with any new information.