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The Mayor of Mazarrón: “The virus does not understand ideologies; attacks us all equally”

“Central and Regional Governments are conducting proper management; now it’s time to pitch in,” says Gaspar Miras

He maintains that the crisis management by the central and regional governments is being carried out “correctly”. For the Mayor of Mazarrón, the socialist Gaspar Miras, “Now is not the time to make political evaluations. The pandemic is colourless; It is not on the right or on the left. The virus affects us all equally because no one is spared. In addition, the Mayor applauds the awareness of residents during the confinement and is studying measures to alleviate this situation, such as reducing the cost of refuse collection for businesses.

–How are the residents living with this situation?

–Mazarrón is setting an example. Most of the residents are complying with the confinement in an exemplary way. Since the state of emergency was decreed, only about 200 fines have been imposed and there has been an arrest for disorderly conduct.

“We have requested the postponement of some fees and taxes to the Tax Agency”

–What measures have you taken to avoid infections?

–We have increased the police force so that there are more control points and disinfection tasks are being carried out in the areas of greatest concentration, both in Mazarrón and districts and in the Port.

–And fiscal measures?

–The most important measure is the moratorium on the refuse rates until July 31. There is a contingency fund of 600,000 euros for the most vulnerable and the money for food grants has been advanced to families.

Have more municipal taxes been abolished or deferred?

–The (tax) rates cannot be suppressed because it is established in law. We are looking into a reduction in refuse rates for businesses, amounting to 5.58 euros every two months. We have asked the Tax Agency of the Region for a delay in the payment of the car tax until September, and that the payment of IBI (Council Property Tax) be delayed until the beginning of November. In addition, we ask that IAE (Tax on Economic Activities) not apply until the end of the year. The Tax Agency is studying a common calendar for all coastal municipalities.

“When all this is confirmed you can ask for explanations”

–How many contagions have been registered in Mazarrón?

–Eighteen residents have tested positive for Covid-19. Of these, seven have already recovered, although the truth is that the cases accumulate in the data provided by the Ministry of Health.

–How do you assess the management of the health crisis at the national level?

–I think that proper management is being carried out by Central Government and the Regional Authority. Now is not the time for political evaluations, but rather to put your shoulder to it. When society feels more secure than now, it will be time to ask for explanations, make evaluations and qualify. The measures adopted are for the benefit of society, even if we have different points of view and ideology. The pandemic does not understand political colours, it is neither right nor left. The virus affects us all equally; no one is spared. I believe that measures have been taken when we have seen it necessary and when it had to be done.