ITV (MOT) Inspection centres have now re-opened a chart has been published showing the extended dates allowed for authorisations which lapsed during the time the centres were closed, here is a translation of the headings on the chart:-

Fecha de vencimiento ITV – ITV expiration date

Prórroga desde la apertura de las ITV – Extension after the opening of ITVs

Fecha limite para pasar la inspección – Deadline to pass the inspection

Article in Mazarrón Hoy, translation below

Did your vehicle’s ITV expire during the State of Emergency?

ITV stations open their doors from the start of Phase 1, last Monday, May 11

Since Monday, May 11, the Region of Murcia is in Phase 1 of de-escalation en route to the new normality, which allows many businesses, including ITV stations, to open their doors. Recall that since the month of ITVs closed with the arrival of the State of Alarm, announcing a moratorium to pass the mandatory review of vehicles, once the opening of the ITVs resumed.

Inactivity for two months could lead to a collapse in ITVs, so this moratorium was thought to avoid crowds and accumulation in the centres.

For all this, the Ministry of Industry has granted a period of time to the vehicles that had expired during the ITV closure of stations since March 14, the day the State of Emergency began, and May 10. The permitted moratoriums have been agreed by tranches, based on the date the ITV expired. That bracket will vary between June 25 and October 8, to pass inspection.