ℹ The measures are established in the region of Murcia and its various municipalities depending on their epidemiological situation.

🔊 GENERAL, the following measures will be applied in the WHOLE REGION:

◾ Limit 💏 social contacts outside stable coexistence groups 👩 👨 👧 👦.
◾ Staying the maximum time in your 🏘 homes, limiting 🚫 outings for essential activities.
◾ Avoid enclosed spaces 🏢 and large influx of people.
◾ The entire population is advised to download the app for 📱 smartphone Radar-COVID.
◾ It is prohibited to eat 🍔 and drink 🥂 in public spaces not belonging to hospitality and restoration establishments ☕ when it is not possible to keep the safe distance 🔄 except for living.
◾ alcohol consumption 🍻 on public roads is not allowed, as well as the making of bottles, spontaneous parties 🎶 and unregulated activities.
◾ You can’t smoke 🚬⛔ on public roads or outdoor spaces when you can’t respect a minimum interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters.
❕ This limitation will also apply in the field of hotel and restaurant terraces.
It is prohibited ❌ the use of tobacco inhalation devices 🚬, water pipes, bongs or assimilated inside any establishment open to the public as well as on public roads or outdoor spaces when it cannot be respected a distance 🔄 minimum interpersonal of at least ❗ 2 meters.
◾ The making of karaokes 🎤🎛 and spontaneous or amateur performances of singing or dancing 💃 as well as performances and recitals of nonprofessional choirs 🗣.
◾ Music 🎺 and dance ⛔ professional performances can be held without leaving the stage, provided that performers, dancers and customers are provided with a mask 😷 during the performance and do not ❌🍕 consume food and drinks …
◾ Encourage and promote the use of teleworking modality 💻.
◾ Individual outdoor sports practice allowed, with respect to general measures of interpersonal safety, protection and hygiene distancing.
⚠️🚨 Mask should be worn 😷, in any case, both in individual sport ♂️ 🏌️ and collective ♂️ 🤼.
❗ The measures taken in the sports field will not distinguish between federated and non-federated sport.