The recent replacement of the National Partido Popular (Popular Party PP) Prime Minister and Government in Madrid, may seem a long way from Camposol to have any affect, but that would be an erroneous assumption, the CRA’s endeavours to improve the urbanisation has reached the upper echelons of the country’s government and the incoming Partido Socialista Obrero Español (Spanish Socialist Worker Party PSOE) will be replacing PP Ministers and Heads of Departments as well as senior Civil Servants.

These changes will be reflected in the makeup of the Inter Authority Commission, proposed in the Murcia Regional Assembly Report which was approved in March, fortunately the CRA have forged strong regional links with members of the Assembly, amongst the strongest is that with Alfonso Baños, the Deputy PSOE Secretary General for the Assembly and the principal author of the Assembly’s Report on Camposol, the CRA contacted Sr Baños who has confirmed that he will keep us informed of all changes that will affect the advancement of the Commission either directly or through the future meetings that have been arranged.

While this governmental disruption may seem a distraction, it could prove beneficial for Camposol, the PP Party have had a historic animosity towards Camposol through the planning, construction and maintenance of the urbanisation, whereas other parties particularly the PSOE and the Ciudadanos Party, although in opposition in the Local Council, have been sympathetic and tried to move the urbanisation forward in the face of stubborn rejection on the part of the local governing PP Council.

The ousting of PP Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his Government stems from ongoing and persistent court cases involving PP Hierarchy, which culminated in the Gürtel case (opened in 2009) where the judge handed down a verdict of guilty on 25th May, within 24 hours the PSOE Leader Pedro Sanchez applied for a vote of “No Confidence” in Prime Minister Rajoy, which took place on the 1st of June the rest is history, which will hopefully prove useful to Camposol, unlike the local elections the next Spanish General Election unless called earlier is scheduled for July 2020