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Hospital visits suspended due to the fifth wave
The SMS manager sends the instruction to all health areas as covid infections increase

Hospitals Ban Inpatient Visits Again
Hospitals once again ban inpatient visits L. O.

All hospitals in the Region of Murcia suspend as of today visits to patients admitted due to the increase in coronavirus infections that is occurring in recent days. The instruction signed yesterday by the manager of the Murcian Health Service (SMS), Francisco Ponce, has been sent early this Thursday to the management of the nine health areas for its immediate entry into force.

In the letter Ponce indicates that in order to ” prevent infections Nosocomial in hospitalized patients, ie, infection by importing the infection from outside the hospital to inpatients, they are suspended all visits and restricted accompaniments to patients admitted to Hospital”. However, only strictly necessary companions will be authorized, depending on the patient’s situation at the discretion of the health personnel and provided that the companion does not present symptoms of the infection or has been in close contact with another Covid-positive person.

As was done in previous pandemic waves with hospital restrictions, on this occasion it is also advised that the companions authorized by the center are always the same person or from the same family nucleus and that protection measures against contagion with the use of the mask, hand washing and use of hydro-alcoholic solution.

With this instruction, the SMS appeals to the responsibility of patients and authorized companions to prevent the entry of the infection from outside the hospital.

Francisco Ponce explains to LAOPINIÓN that ” many young people are admitted to hospital wards , as well as to the ICU, so it is essential to take extreme precautions”.

For this reason, “we have decided to once again limit the entry of visitors and the movement of people inside hospitals, as was done in the other waves. We prefer to err on the side of caution than to have to regret the fact that cases in a moment in which they are already on the rise. “