Gines Campillo has announced a raft of measures to help businesses in the aftermath of the pandemic, significantly virtually all of the measures revolve around discounts on licencing fees, translation below


Reductions and discounts are contemplated that will be applied until December 31, 2022 to “anticipate the effects of the crisis for the coming years” as indicated by the Councillor for Finance Ginés Campillo

The Plenum of the Mazarrón Town Council initially approved in its ordinary session in May a modification of several fiscal ordinances to minimize in the municipality the effect of the social and economic crisis experienced due to the health alert caused by the coronavirus. The proposal went forward unanimously by all political groups and has affected the following municipal regulations:

Regulatory Bylaw on Construction, Installations and Works Tax. A discount of 80% of the quota is established for works carried out by businesses and establishments related to commercial activity, services and tourism.
Regulatory Bylaw of Fees for the Private Use or Special Use of the Local Public Domain. Considering 50% reductions in both the use of land by establishments and shops, as well as in entrances, the installation of advertisements or stalls in the market squares of Mazarrón and Puerto; among others.

= Regulatory Bylaw of the Rate for the Provision of the Domestic Refuse Collection Service. It contemplates a 50% reduction also for shops and establishments related to commercial activity, services and tourism; as well as an extension of the reduced rate and zero fee for citizens.

= Regulatory Bylaw of the Fee for Carrying out Administrative Activity of the Establishment Opening License, this being repealed.

= Regulatory Bylaw of the Rate for Operation and Control of Activities by License, Responsible Declaration or Prior Communication. With discounts of 100% and 50% depending on the type of activity until the end of 2021 and 50% and 25% until December 31, 2022.

= Regulatory Bylaw of the Rate for the Provision of the Civil Marriage Celebration Service.

The Councillor of the Treasury, Ginés Campillo, explained that “these modifications are made with an end date of December 31, 2022, anticipating the effects that the current situation may have on our economy in the coming years and anticipating this mode a step toward recovery”.

In addition “of this new support to businesses, SMEs (Small & Medium sized Businesses) and the self-employed, on the one hand, some bylaws that were outdated are updated on the other hand,” explained the Councillor of the Treasury, who in this regard highlighted aspects such as “the 60% bonus to mechanical traction vehicles that are kinder to the environment, thus promoting their acquisition and use, something that was not previously included.

Ginés Campillo added that “these modifications come to complement the economic measures that the Government Team has been promoting since the start of the State of Emergency and, once again, it has been done in consensus with the opposition spokespersons so that this action is a matter that we take forward the entire municipal council”.

Now, and after its publication in the BORM, the period for propositions of this initial approval opens “to which we are open, just as we are open to any proposition presented by a consultant to aid businesses, SMEs and the self-employed and that we are going to consider if it seems a good contribution to us. We are open to any contribution whether it comes from a political party, a company or a citizen”.

Likewise, and regarding the payment of fees, an agreement has been reached with the chiringuitos (beach bars) after a meeting of their owners with the Mayor, Gaspar Miras, and Ginés Campillo himself, in which it was determined a bonus of 70% of the annual royalty payment. This week it is planned that all chiringuitos will be open to the public.


For any information on how to present/pursue any claim, please speak with your accountant.