It is my understanding that the surgery can issue two types of certificates:

1) your record of vaccinations
2) your Covid certificate of vaccination.

If Border Control or the airline ask you for proof of your Covid vaccination, you must provide the Covid certificate (NOT the record of your vaccination). If you don’t have the correct form you can be refused boarding the plane or entry in the country. That’s what I mean by ‘travel certificate’. It does not replace your travel documents (passport etc).

The disclaimer is to emphasise the fact that the person it corresponds to has undergone the vaccinations, tests, previous infection listed on the document, it does not grant right of entry it just means that in the participating countries the person will not have to quarantine, although if the person has travelled from a country with a high level of variant infection entry could be refused or quarantine could be mandated even with the Certificate, some countries are also proposing using them for entry to bars, restaurants and other multiple occupancy events.

Silvana is available in Camposol, at the social centre on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10am and 12noon. On Thursdays and Fridays she is at the Town Hall. These arrangements cannot be changed.

Appointments at the social centre are not necessary for dropping off the forms that Silvana has offered to take to the Town Hall for registration, on the residents’ behalf. However, people can take the forms to the Town Hall themselves, if they wish – they must make an appointment and must take the required documentation as indicated on the website:

Silvana is not on Facebook so please email any questions regarding the vaccination certificate to Silvana at: