The below message was received today from Sara Munsterhjelm, British Vice Consul:-

Here at the Consulate we continue to work to support British nationals who have been affected by the lockdown or have become stranded in Spain. If anyone needs consular assistance, please encourage them to get in touch or pass me their contact details.


My specific reason for getting in touch is regarding getting British nationals registered as residents in order to assist them in proving their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement once the transition period finishes at the end of this year. You may recall that last year organisations were able to bid for funds from the UK government in order to provide practical support to UK nationals living in the EU with their residency applications.


For the Murcia Region, an association called IOM (International Organisation for Migration) was successful with their bid and they are currently developing their service to support vulnerable British nationals to get registered.


If you would like further information about the UK nationals support fund or IOM, you can find this here: