Posting on behalf of Silvana:

Message re: Face masks

The Ladies Volunteers at St José church in Puerto are making much needed face masks, and have kindly donated a small number of face masks to Camposol. These masks are made of cotton, or other suitable material, they are washable and therefore they are re-usable.

I will be in Consum Camposol tomorrow 17th April, late morning (probably from 11am onwards)distributing them, but I will only be able to give out ONE MASK per person.

If you require more than one, please drop me a line at: and let me know how many you need. I will do my best to oblige, either now or with the next batch.

Message for the ladies:

The Ladies Volunteers at St José Church in Puerto are working flat out to make face masks which are being donated, through the coordinator, to several organizations, establishments and urbanizations. If you would like to help making masks, and have a sewing machine, please send me an email at:
I will arrange for you to have a one-to-one session with the coordinator who will provide all the material, and will show you how they must be made.

Thank you