The Guardia Civil and Local Police are patrolling Camposol and enforcing the Emergency Laws, at the Consultorio this morning the Guardia were insisting in no uncertain terms that everyone stayed at least 1 metre distance from each other, they also went to the Farmacia, the Local Police were around the B Commercial Centre. Here is an article in todays Mazarron Hoy, translation below

Local Police impose the first fines for non-compliance with the State of Emergency in Mazarrón

The Royal Decree that came into force today, levies harsh penalties on whoever breaks the established rules

During this Sunday, Local Police of Mazarrón has carried out an exhaustive control throughout the municipality, to ensure compliance with the Royal Decree that requires people not to leave their house because of the coronavirus. They have been reporting, as they have also been for the last 48 hours, of the scenario where we are currently, both citizens and shops of in the municipality.

The day closed with 6 charges of disobedience, which are punishable by fines starting at 601 euros.

The State of Emergency we are in requires compliance on the part of ALL.

Local Police doesn’t want to penalise anyone, so we ask for your cooperation.

But let no one doubt that they will use the full weight that the established law on those who put the rest of the population at risk for nothing.