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End of alarm state
These are the restrictions in the Region of Murcia as of May 9

The Community lifts the perimeter confinement, eliminates the curfew and extends social gatherings to six people inside bars and restaurants


The regional government approved new measures this Friday after the extraordinary meeting of the Covid-19 Monitoring Committee due to the end of the state of alarm, which takes place at midnight this Saturday (May 9).

Measures in the Region of Murcia after the state of alarm

– Lifting of the perimeter fence . Citizens of the Region will be able to leave the territory of the Community as of Sunday, as well as neighbors from other autonomies will be able to enter Murcia.

– End of night curfew . You can be on the street after midnight.

– Non-essential activity is closed from 00:00 to 6:00 in the morning. In relation to this, despite the fact that there is no curfew, the hospitality establishments will not remain open after midnight .

– Social gatherings will be for a maximum of six people in both public and private spaces.

– In the hotel and catering establishments , there will also be a maximum of six people (not living together) per table on the terraces and inside the bars and restaurants -in the interior there were a maximum of four-. The gauges are 30% inside and 100% outside.

– Churches can be completed up to 75% of their capacity . At wedding and communion masses there may be a maximum of 50 people within the religious center.

– The capacity in ceremonies changes slightly. At weddings and communions, there may be 50 people indoors (before there were 30) and 100 outdoors .