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The Murcian Health Service extends electronic prescriptions for 6 months

This measure is taken to prevent patients from visiting the health centers

A total of 50,000 users in the Region of Murcia, see their electronic prescriptions extended with a new extension of 6 months.

This measure taken by the Murcian Health Service, tries to prevent patients from going to health centers, which as highlighted by the Health Minister, are overflowing, and even some of them in Red Code, as for example in Lorca with San Diego and La Viña.

Thus, it is not necessary that once the treatment is finished, patients have to go to health centers to renew the electronic prescription, and they will be treated directly at the pharmacy as if they had already done so.

This measure, which the SMS already took in mid-March, after the declaration of the State of Alarm, was extended to 6 months, to avoid the displacement of chronic patients to Health centers, and thus, after a second wave of contagions, the Murcian Health Service, once again extends the electronic prescription for another 6 months.