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The plenary session approved the socioeconomic measures to alleviate the COVID-19 crisis

In addition to the million euros already announced for businesses, SMEs (Small/ Medium sized businesses) and the self-employed, 100,000 euros are earmarked for entrepreneurial projects

The Plenum of the Mazarrón Town Council today unanimously approved the socio-economic measures to reactivate the local economy and the bases for the call for subsidies for businesses, SMEs and the self-employed included in these measures, promoted by the Council on the occasion of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

The Councillor for Finance, Ginés Campillo, explained that “with the approval of these measures a green light is given to a series of direct aid to businesses, SMEs and self-employed in the municipality worth a million euros,” but the Councillor also wanted to emphasize that “100,000 euros are also allocated to entrepreneurs who promote job creation in Mazarrón”. Campillo detailed the measures and they consist of the following points:

1 – A Covid 19 Information, Aid and Subsidy Office will be created, which will inform the citizens of Mazarrón, about the economic and social aid measures approved by the Mazarrón City Council, by the Autonomous Authority of the Region of Murcia and by the Government of Spain.

2 – The payment periods of all transferred Municipal Taxes are extended for collection management to the Tax Agency of the Region of Murcia. Specifically, the voluntary payment of the so-called “car stamp (Tax)” is extended to October 20, while the voluntary term of IBI and IAE payments is extended to December 1.

3 – The term of liquidation of the receipts of the refuse rates is also extended until July 31 for the General Register and the procedure is established with preferential character to approve the quota of “reduced rate” to all commercial activities and companies that have had to close their facilities due to the current health crisis.

4 – The number of users benefiting from rebates in the supply of drinking water is increased, through “reduced quota” and “zero quota”.

5 – A reactivation fund is created to alleviate the economic and social effects that the current health crisis is going to cause in self-employed and SMEs in the municipality, amounting to € 1,000,000.

The Self-employed and SMEs that have had to interrupt their business and have their facilities closed as a result of the Emergency State, will receive a fixed and unique amount of 1,500 euros. This amount will be increased by 750 euros if the business is carried out with up to 9 workers and if the workforce is from 10 to 49 workers, it will be increased by 1,500 euros, up to a maximum of 3,000 euros.

For self-employed and SMEs that have had a reduction in their turnover in the month prior to the request for this subsidy of at least 75% in relation to the average made in the natural semester prior to the declaration of the State of Emergency, they will receive an amount fixed and unique of 1000 euros. This amount will be increased by € 750 if the business is carried out with up to 9 workers and if the workforce is from 10 to 49 workers, it will be increased by the amount of € 1,500, up to a total of 2,500 euros.

6 – A tendering scheme is established to subsidize entrepreneurial projects and the creation of new companies, giving priority to those under the age of 35 who promote them, with a total endowment of the fund amounting to € 100,000.

7 – The Opening Licence Fee for establishments is subsidized by 50%

8 – Finally, the Construction, Installations and Works Tax (ICIO) is also subsidized by 50%, to support investments made in reforms, maintenance, refurbishment or new construction in buildings or premises destined for the tourist, hotel and commercial sectors during the annuities 2020 and 2021. For this, an urgent modification of the Municipal Ordinance regulating said taxes is being carried out.

The bases for obtaining the aforementioned subsidies to SMEs and self-employed businesses have also been unanimously approved. The bases will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Region of Murcia (BORM) once the Regional Government and the Ministry of Finance “give favourable approval to this investment that we launch with exclusively municipal funds”, said Campillo who, for its achievement, has urged “all the political forces represented in the Plenary to work together and request the different administrations to expedite this agreement so that the Mazarron people can enjoy these aid as soon as possible”.