Domestic waste management to prevent the spread of COVID-19

The Ministry of Health urge the following recommendations for domestic refuse and recycling in homes of people with positive testing or quarantined for COVID-19 and for homes without positives or quarantine
Household waste management in positive homes or in quarantine for COVID19.

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the patient’s waste, including the disposable material used by the sick person (gloves, handkerchiefs, masks), must be disposed of in a plastic bag (bag 1) in a rubbish bin arranged in the room, preferably with lid and opening pedal, without making any separation for recycling.

The plastic bag (bag 1) must be closed properly and put it in a second garbage bag (bag 2), next to the exit of the room, where the gloves and mask used by the caregiver will also be deposited and will be sealed properly before removal from the room.

Bag 2, with the previous waste, will be deposited with the rest of the household waste in another garbage bag (bag 3) corresponding to the waste fraction bucket. Bag 3 should also be sealed properly.
Immediately after, complete hand hygiene will be carried out, with soap and water, for at least 40-60 seconds.

Bag 3 should be deposited exclusively in the separate waste container (or in any other waste separation collection system established by the local entity/council), it is strictly prohibited to deposit it in separate recycling collection containers of any of the separated types (organic, packaging, paper, glass or textile) or its abandonment in the environment (fly tipping).

Household waste management in households without positives or quarantine
In the case of households without positives or in quarantine, the separation of the waste will be carried out as usual.
In order to minimize the remaining separation (or dry separation where applicable) that reaches the treatment plants, it is advisable to remind citizens of the importance of optimising the separate collection of the different types (paper/cardboard, glass, packaging, organic where appropriate), and deposit in the containers only the waste corresponding to each type (of recycling).

Finally, citizens are reminded that the latex or nitrile (polythene type) gloves used to when shopping or other uses are not packaging and therefore should not be deposited in the light packaging container (yellow).