Covid Vaccinations
Now the Regional Health Authority (SMS) has started processing COVID Certificates the following updates and requirement changes to the “Written request” procedure have been made:-

1 – Proof of NIE is essential, this can be in the form of a copy of the original A4 NIE document, a copy of the Residencia or the TIE card, both of which contain the NIE number, if these are not available a copy of a valid Passport will be considered.
2 – People should enter SURNAME (APELLIDO) first, followed by ALL Christian names (NOMBRES).
3 – The application form MUST be accompanied by copies of the 2 information sheets, 3 pages in all (clerks in Mazarrón Town Hall have added the extra sheets to the forms delivered yesterday, but future applications will have to be complete – some additional info sheets and application forms are available at the social centre).
4 – Applicants MUST be registered on the PADRÓN. If not, they must either register on the Padrón or send their forms by post at the address shown on the info sheet – Dirección General de Salud Pública y Adicciones, Consejería de Salud, Ronda de Levante, 11, 30008 Murcia.

Mazarrón Council have designated 4 Admin clerks to deal with COVID Certificate applications.