Here’s a link to the expected BOE, relevant sections translated below

Article 1. Purpose.

The purpose of this order is to regulate the compulsory use of a mask by the population. For the purposes of the provisions of this order, the obligation referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to have been fulfilled by the use of any type of mask, preferably hygienic and surgical, that covers the nose and mouth. In any case, the instructions of the health authorities regarding its use will be observed.

Article 2. Obliged subjects.

1. Persons six years of age and older are required to wear masks in the spaces indicated in Article 3.

2. The obligation contained in the previous paragraph will not be enforceable in the following cases:

a) People who present some type of respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of a mask.

b) People in whom the use of a mask is contraindicated for duly justified health reasons, or who, due to their situation of disability or dependency, present behavioural changes that make their use unfeasible.

c) Development of activities in which, by their very nature, the use of the mask is incompatible.

d) Cause of force majeure or need situation.

Article 3. Spaces in which the use of a mask is mandatory.

The use of a mask will be compulsory on public roads, in open air spaces and in any closed space for public use or that is open to the public, provided that it is not possible to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least two metres.