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Citizens of the Region of Murcia over 70 years of age who have not yet received the covid vaccine , despite the massive appeal that was made the first weekend of May, may request an appointment , at their health centers to be immunized .

This has been decided by the Ministry of Health to facilitate immunization to this age group and prevent someone from being left out of the vaccination process.

The next group, those from 60 to 69 years old, should call 900121212 to report their case and request an appointment if the circumstance occurs that they have not been notified.

With this decision, announced this Thursday by the Minister of Health, Juan José Pedreño, after the weekly meeting of the Government Council in San Esteban, it is intended to reach the total population of 70 to 79 years in case there is still someone who does not have come to get vaccinated.

Salud also continues to make progress in the implementation of the self-appointment web system that, after being piloted in Puerto Lumbreras, has already reached Ceutí, Lorquí, Alguazas, Fortuna and Abanilla, as well as Cartagena, where it began operating on Wednesday afternoon. It is also now available for Mazarron.

“On that first afternoon, more than 2,500 Cartagena citizens between 50 and 59 years old requested an appointment to be vaccinated,” explains Pedreño, who recalls the importance of maintaining and complying with security measures, since eight out of ten infections originate in social gatherings, leisure and family gatherings, risks that must be avoided at this time so that the situation does not get worse.
The rate of vaccination continues to advance in the Region of Murcia and for this week there are more than 80,000 people in different municipalities. Of these people, around 16,000 were to be immunized yesterday, Thursday.

On Tuesday, the administration of the second dose began for those under 60 years of age in essential groups and about 90 percent of the people who have attended have chosen to continue with the AstraZeneca pattern, compared to 10 percent who have opted for the compound from Pfizer.

Currently 92.4 percent of those over 60 in the Murcian community are vaccinated, so 709,000 doses have already been administered and 243,000 citizens have the complete immunization schedule.

However, from Health they insist on the importance of not lowering our guard and complying with safety measures such as the use of a mask, safety distance and hand washing. The latest figures show that the Region of Murcia has an incidence rate of 74.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days and 37.4 at 7 days.

The municipality of Caravaca continues to maintain an extreme alert level, which is why last Monday the Covid Committee agreed to increase the restrictions in this town, with the prohibition of opening the interior of the hotel and catering establishments. Precisely, in this area a screening has started among the population between 20 and 60 years old in which there are already more than two thousand people mentioned.

In Cehegín there has also been an increase in infections, although its difference with Caravaca de la Cruz is that in this first municipality there is no epidemiological link of cases, while in Caravaca more than fifty are associated with eight outbreaks, including one at a wedding.

Regarding the covid passport, now called ‘EU covid certificate’, the Minister of Health maintains that there is a working group that is already moving forward to be able to implement it in the Region of Murcia, since the Ministry of Health has ceded this competence to the autonomies . Thus, Pedreño trusts that “we will adjust to the forecasts and it will be for July 1”.

Vaccination of the 40-49 age group will start in a few days

The technicians of the Ministry of Health are working hard to try to meet the deadlines and be able to start the vaccination of the age group of 40 to 49 years in the coming days , as announced by the President of the Region, Fernando López Miras as the rest of the autonomous communities are doing.

In this age group there are just over 223,000 people in the Region of Murcia and it is planned that in this case Moderna and Pfizer vaccines will be used, although the Ministry does not rule out that Janssen vials are also used. However, the counselor Pedreño recalls that “the stoppage of Astrazeneca sometimes disrupts vaccination plans.”