COVID vaccinations have started at the Camposol Consultorio (Doctor’s surgery) on Sector A, these are being administered in strict rotation according to the Regional vaccination protocol, DO NOT VISIT OR TELEPHONE THE CONSULTORIO TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT, you or your registered translator will be contacted by phone when your vaccination is available and an appointment will be made.
Currently supplies are limited to the over 80’s who will receive a phone call when their vaccination is available, the rotation system starts with the oldest first working backward, there have been some language problems and the Councillor for Camposol, Silvana Buxton has volunteered to make the calls in order to overcome the language barrier AGAIN DO NOT PHONE THE COUNCILLOR TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.
According to the Regional Health Authority it is hoped that the vaccination rollout will be extended to the 70 to 79 age group again starting with the oldest first in the mid to end of April, but this will depend on the supply and success of the current age programme, after the 70 to 79 group the focus will move on to the 54 to 69 age group no timing has been indicated at present.
The message from the Consultorio is to be patient you will be contacted when your dose is available, but it is important NOT TO VISIT OR PHONE THE CONSULTORIO TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT AS THIS COULD SLOW DOWN THE PROCCESS the staff are working as fast as possible to ensure the procedure is expedited in as short a time span as possible.