It has been reported that a number of COVID Certificates have been issued showing an incomplete number in the “series of vaccinations and number of doses section” if both doses have been received as with the Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna vaccine the number should reflect 2/2 (2 of 2), but in some cases the number shown is 1/2 (1 of 2) signifying that only the first dose has been administered even though both doses were received, this could obviously cause problems when attempting to cross borders of participating countries.

To correct this anomaly an email can be sent to giving full details (Name, address, NIE number and Medical Card number where applicable) and the 30 character “Certificate identifier” plus the dates on which both doses were administered, an amended Certificate will then be issued through the same process as the original.

It should be noted that this email address is ONLY for requesting the replacement of a Certificate showing incomplete doses, it cannot be used for other purposes ie. Requesting a vaccination, requesting a Certificate, general enquiries etc.