Mr Finnegan

In response to the statement you published on your latest newsletter to CDiP members with regards to the CRA, and your slanderous attack on Mrs Buxton, it is regrettable that you find it necessary to publicly air your untrue, unfounded and grossly misleading information regarding the CRA and you use such aggressive and abusive tone against myself.

It is even more regrettable that you feel you have cause to criticise the CRA present Committee for its unprecedented, tirelessly continuous and dedicated involvement in the extremely arduous task of constantly striving to address the multitude of problems, past and present, in the endeavour of achieving a better standard of living for the whole urbanisation. Feel free to publish my reply.

To your personal accusation, of making ‘cynical attempts to gain personal advancement to the detriment of Camposol’ I would reply that I am extremely proud of the advancement that the CRA has achieved over the last 3 years, and to which I am happy to say I have contributed in some way.

With regards to your statement of said advancement being ‘at the detriment of Camposol’, this seems to be your personal opinion which is of no interest to me, nor to the CRA members, nor to the residents of Camposol who are fully aware of our effort, of our achievements so far, and of the challenges ahead which we are facing with courage and determination, in the knowledge that we are doing the right thing and there will be success and reward at the end of our fight. For anybody who requires evidence of our work, we will be happy to provide written documentation of our involvement with the appropriate Bodies and with the Authorities at Local, Regional and National level.

We strive to keep our members informed through our website, and, in order to fully inform the residents of the CRA new direction, and allow questions and answers regarding our vision for the future of Camposol, we will be holding a public meeting in the near future, notice of which will be given in plenty of time.

To your accusation of being a ‘stealthy dictator’ I would ask you to refrain, in future, from making any such personal slanderous attacks. Any future insults will be dealt-with by our solicitor.

In response to your apparent inability to comprehend the process of Committee positions, I will explain that, following Mr Gelling’s resignation, the vice-chairman (myself) stepped-in as ‘acting chairman’ as per the CRA Constitution, and upon advice from the Regional Office of Voluntary Associations to which the CRA is legally registered. There was no need for an EGM in view of elections to be held at the next AGM which will be held in 2019.

In response to your apparent difficulty in understanding the role of a Committee, as you so eminently displayed in your recent EGM, I will clarify that a Committee is elected by the members to represent them and to take decisions which the Committee feels are in the best interest of its members. The decision to support the political party who has been the most active in the support of Camposol was agreed unanimously from the Committee after serious deliberations, of which you were kept fully informed.

To your last accusation of the CRA not complying with its Constitutional duties by not holding an AGM in 2018, I confirm that said AGM was held on the 27th January 2018, but you may be forgiven for being unaware of this event, as, if my memory serves me correct, your CRA membership was terminated in view of your negative and damaging accusation against the Association.

As you can see, Mr Finnegan, in this open letter I have simply addressed your latest accusations. I do not feel it is appropriate to continually repeat the innumerable stages of our work and our achievements, as, firstly, they are published on our website and they are regularly updated, and secondly, it has become apparent that you are unable and/or unwilling to acknowledge them.

My last comment to you, as a human being to another, prone to faults but a great believer in the path I choose to follow, is that you seek the approval of any remaining members of the CDiP before declaring yourself as president and claiming to represent their view in your abusive and slanderous accusations.

In conclusion, Mr Finnegan, I wish to inform you that I have no intention of replying to any other comments you may publish. I have neither the time, nor the inclination to waste my time and effort in dealing with your personal view.
I am far too busy working with my Committee in addressing the real issues of our urbanisation and in ensuring that our loyalty towards our members and our integrity as a Residents Association continues to be acknowledged and rewarded.

Silvana Buxton

CRA Acting Chairman​​​​​​​​

29th December 2018