Below is a brief summary of the measures that, all being well our Region can move on to on Monday 25th:

Activities in Phase 2

Social contact. The number of people who can meet for active and nature tourism activities is increased to 20, and congresses, business meetings and conferences are allowed provided there are no more than 50 attendees, with two-metre social distancing observed.

Mobility. Citizens are permitted to move freely within their province, island or territorial unit.

Shopping malls. Shopping malls can reopen, provided capacity is limited to 30% of common areas and 40% in each of the commercial premises located inside. Customers will not be allowed in common areas, apart from to move from one store to another.

Hostelry. Bars and restaurants can reopen their interior dining areas, excluding nightclubs and night-time bars, provided capacity is limited to 40%. Dining inside can only take place sat at a table, or groups of tables, and preferably via prior appointment. Self-service at a bar is not permitted.

Hotels. The common areas of hotels and tourist accommodation can reopen their common areas, provided capacity is limited to a third.

Cinemas and theatres. All cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and similar spaces can reopen, provided that seats are pre-assigned and capacity is limited to a third.

Concerts. At open-air concerts, the public must be seated, observing social distancing, with capacity at a third and limited to 400 people.

Places of worship. Capacity will be limited to 50% in all places of worship.

Funeral Services. These can take place in public or private installations, with a limit of 25 people when in the open air, and 15 people in closed spaces.

Strict hygiene, cleansing and disinfecting measures similar to the previous Phase will also apply.