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The Community will administer this week more than 60,000 vaccines to different groups

Vaccination of the population group from 75 to 79 years will be carried out in 17 municipalities

The Covid Committee establishes a curfew from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and extends outdoor social gatherings to six people who are not living together

The Covid Monitoring Committee agreed in its meeting today to extend the curfew until 11:00 p.m., although it remains in Phase I of care risk and the perimeter closure of the Region of Murcia. Likewise, the number of non-cohabitating people who can meet on terraces and outdoors goes from four to six, and up to four non-cohabitating may coincide in the homes.

However, the Minister of Health, Juan José Pedreño, insisted that “these new measures taken according to the technical document, cannot make us fall into an excess of confidence or a setback in the fight against the pandemic”, while pointed out that the average incidence rate in the Region of Murcia has increased by 10 percent in the last week, especially among young people between 17 and 34 years old. “We are facing a rate of 69 cases at 14 days and 35.4 at 7 days, with an increase compared to last week that is a clear warning that the situation may change in the coming days,” Pedreño said. .

Acceleration of vaccination

After the Committee meeting, the head of Health reported that this week about 61,000 vaccines will be administered to different groups and age groups, especially those between 75 and 79 years old, whose vaccination will be carried out in 17 municipalities . In addition, as of Thursday, the Enrique Roca Stadium (Nueva Condomina) will be set up, where 2,000 people a day are scheduled to be summoned.

Pedreño reported that 31,279 people between 75 and 79 years are already being summoned to administer the first dose of Pfizer, as well as 27,752 people between 60 and 65 to be inoculated with Astrazeneca. A total of 2,136 will receive the second dose of Pfizer.

The counselor also reported that they are already working on the configuration of the lists to start vaccinating as soon as possible for cancer patients, those with HIV, those over 40 with Down syndrome, transplanted patients and hemodialysis patients.

Regarding the current vaccination data, Pedreño reported that the Region of Murcia registers 287,925 administered vaccines, of which 99,614 are second doses.

Regarding the municipal alert level, only one municipality remains at the Extreme level, Puerto Lumbreras. In this town a screening was carried out last Sunday to which 800 young people between 16 and 20 years old were summoned with the aim of evaluating their situation. “We hope that the measures we put in place last week will bear fruit and we can control the situation soon,” said the counselor.

This week no municipality has been registered with a Very High Alert level, although the Covid Committee has decreed the Medium / High level in ten municipalities: Alguazas, Los Alcázares, La Unión, Calasparra, San Javier, Cieza, Abanilla, San Pedro del Pinatar, Lorquí and Torre Pacheco. The latter leaves the Extreme level thanks to the 20 percent drop in the number of cases. The 34 remaining municipalities remain at Low alert level.

23 new cases

The number of active cases in the Region of Murcia stands at 575. The Epidemiology Service confirmed 23 new cases yesterday, of which six correspond to Murcia, five to Alcantarilla, three to San Pedro del Pinatar and two to San Javier and Torre Pacheco. The rest are distributed in the other municipalities.
For its part, the number of hospitalized covid patients amounts to 89 patients, of which 30 are admitted to the ICU. The Region did not register any deaths from coronavirus yesterday.