Following Mr Tom Finnegan’s recent CDiP Newsletter which we know is received by many CRA Members, although we do not wish to get involved in the Yah boo political name calling and spin doctor games practised by Mr Finnegan, we feel for the sake of reality it is appropriate to correct the false statements being published.

For reasons known only to Mr Finnegan, he is harking back to a 2011 PSOE manifesto (over 7 years and 2 elections ago) and highlighting two people who are no longer connected to the PSOE Party and have not been since early 2015, when before that year’s election when they joined the AS-CLI Party, he also states it is unlikely Silvana (Mrs Buxton) would be high enough on the PSOE Candidate list to stand a chance of election, remarking “If Mrs Buxton is to stand a chance of being elected, she needs to be listed not lower that number 7” The CRA Committee are currently concluding negotiations for number 6 on the PSOE list, which even in Mr Finnegan’s view is the place to be.

To focus on the PSOE 2011 manifesto is irrelevant as the PSOE did not “win power” they were part of a 4 party coalition and only had “control” for 12 months (10 in reality) to achieve anything tangible, the anti Camposol UIDM Party under Gines Campillo held the Mayorship for 3 of the 4 years and it was a totally different PSOE candidate list then which was dominated by Paco Garcia and Juan Miguel Munoz who are no longer with the party, but they still managed to do more for Camposol than any other previous or subsequent governing party, including major civil engineering works on Avenida de Covachos and Calle Robles, street lighting contracts awarded, street name signs supplied, street signs and road markings around B Commercial centre, Mosquito spraying, cockroach infestation treatment, weekly meetings with the CRA all done without a budget.

The PSOE also, through the Junta de Gobierno, commissioned in July 2014 the “Memoria Avance” a 5000€ report on the discrepancies in the planning and execution of Camposol’s construction which is now part of Mazarrón Town Hall records which instigated and formed the proposed D Sector rambla solution, the report is a constituent part of the Camposol development plan (Plan Parcial) being added to the Mazarrón General Plan which when completed will lead to Camposol’s adoption by the Council.

Since 2015 the PSOE at local and regional level have been heavily involved in helping the CRA improve Camposol by applying pressure on the relevant authorities where possible, this includes to name but a few:-
In January 2016 proposing at the CRA’s request, a motion in the Mazarrón Council’s full meeting to provide full services to the urbanisation, which was voted down by the PP, AS, CCD and PIxM (the UIDM abstained).
Setting up of a Murcia Regional Assembly working commission for Camposol.
Compiling and authoring the commission’s conclusion and solution report in March 2018.
Leading the Regional Assembly full session in the unanimous vote by all 4 parties to approve the report and solutions.
Applying pressure to the CHS (a National Government body) to make regional government bodies expedite work on the defunct Sewage Plant which is now fully operational.
Assist in identifying and rectifying water leaks and completion works by Aqualia.
Proposing a motion in October 2018 in the Mazarrón Council’s full meeting, for the Camposol Social Centre to be managed by Camposollers, although voted down by the Coalition, the Centre security and air conditioning has since been overhauled and a Council Advisor has been re-appointed.

Mr Finnegan conveniently forgets that he doesn’t have to be an elected Councillor to help Camposol, he could have attended the many Mazarrón Council meetings regarding Camposol, which as a credible Party representative he should have, but he has attended none, he could have registered written complaints (Modelo 001’s) to the Council about Camposol’s problems, he has registered none, he could have attended 2 Regional Authority meetings (one including the National Government), which as a credible Party representative is a must, he has attended none, no Mr Finnegan is more interested in negative publicity, trying to insult or belittle the endeavours of those who battle for a better urbanisation while he sits in his ivory tower on A Sector issuing diktats and ultimatums to anyone he feels threatened by, spinning his own version of events, here are a couple of examples from his newsletter.

1. Phil Gelling retires. Did we have an EGM to appoint a successor? NO. Mrs. Buxton assumes the title.

WRONG Silvana (Mrs Buxton) was voted Vice Chair by the membership and part of her responsibilities as Vice Chair is to fulfil the role of Chairman if the incumbent Chairman is unable or unavailable to do so, this could mean until the next period of election of Committee Members unless she wishes to relinquish the roll in which case an EGM would be called.

2. The CRA, by their Constitution, are required to hold an AGM each year. Has one been held in 2018? NO.

WRONG an AGM was held on 27th January 2018.

We apologise if this is a tedious update, but we feel that false allegations and accusations should not go unanswered, the Committee would rather deal with facts not fiction.